With years of experience in the field of agrochemical production, we accumulated abundant resources on scientific research and development, in order to enable us to keep introducing high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue products to the market.


The team of Research and Development was established in 2010, which are responsible for laboratory management, sample analysis, formulation upgrade, field test and so on. We’re dedicated to develop new formulations and mixtures according to rising demand from all over the world.


With an aim of quality control, we conduct analysis during whole production period.

1)    Pre-production: Analysis and inspection of all adjuvants, solvents, surfactants, and intermediates

2)    Pipeline: Inspection of semi-product, finished products

3)    Pre-shipment: Analysis of random samples from ready cargo before sending to customer



1)    Application of latest technology to develop new formulation type, mainly water based formulations and granule formulations which are safe to human and environment

2)    To develop bio-chemicals which could be used in organic agriculture

3)    To upgrade synthesis technology for high pure technical material

4)    To upgrade formulation technology and recipe to get low residue and long lasting end use products


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